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Course Code: PHYSIO

This course is designed to help student understand the structure and function of human body. Physiotherapy is an allied health care profession and physiotherapists themselves are concerned with human function and movement. Physical approaches are used to prevent and treat many disabilities and diseases, but physiotherapy can also be help people gain strength and mobility after an illness or hospital stay. Physiotherapy is now used to treat conditions such as asthma, back pain, cerebral palsy, tinnitus, heart disease, osteoarthritis, mental health, strokes, and ulcers. Some of these may seem a little unusual but physiotherapy can broken down into different areas such as cardiovascular and respiratory physiotherapy , musculoskeletal physiotherapy and neurological physiotherapy so may ‘system’ in the body can be treated.

Age 17 Years and above, 10+2 Passed ( Biology or Math) with minimum 40% of marks.
(a) Introduction to Physiotherapy (b) Anatomy (c) Physiology (d) Elementary Nursing (e) Elementary Bio Chemestry,Pathology,Microbiology (f) Hygiene and Sanitation (g) Nutrtion and dietics (h) Bio medical waste management (i) First Aid. (j) Disaster management (k) Anatomy &physiology as relevant to Physiotherapy. (l) Medical and Surgical Nursing (m) Elementary Pharmacology. (n) Human relations. (o) Community Health Nsg and Communicable diseases (p) Equipment management (q) Pathology. (r) Ortho paedics. (s) Massage manipulation, Exercises and Physical drill and Yoga. (t) Management of medical and surgical emergencies. (u) Pharmacology. (v) Medical subjects. (w) Elementary Physics and minor crafts. (x) Physics of heat and heat therapy. (y) Physics of light and light therapy. (z) Physics of electricity and electro therapy. (aa) Hydro therapy. (ab) Occupational therapy.
2 Years